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Đồng hồ phân tích chất lượng điện năng Janitza UMG 509-PRO


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Janitza UMG 509-PRO - Đồng hồ phân tích chất lượng điện năng với cổng đo dòng rò RCM, gắn mặt tủ. Liên tục đo lường chất lượng điện năng, phân tích các vấn đề nhiễu loạn điện.


Multifunction power analyser with RCM

The multi-purpose unit for integration into control panels. Continuous monitoring of the power quality, analysis of electrical interference in the event of network problems.


  • Continuous monitoring of the power quality
  • Energy management systems (ISO 50001)
  • Master device with Ethernet gateway for subordinate measurement points
  • Visualisation of the energy supply in the LVDB
  • Analysis of electrical disturbances in the event of power quality problems
  • Cost centre analysis
  • Remote monitoring in the property operation
  • Use in test fields (e.g. in universities)


Power quality

  • Harmonics analysis up to 63rd harmonic
  • Acquisition of short-term interruptions
  • Acquisition of transients
  • Display of waveforms (current and voltage)
  • Unbalance
  • Vector diagram

RCM (Residual Current Monitoring)

  • Continuous monitoring of residual currents (Residual Current Monitor, RCM)
  • Alarming in case a preset threshold fault current reached
  • Near-realtime reactions for triggering countermeasures
  • Permanent RCM measurement for systems in permanent operation without the opportunity to switch off
  • Ideal for the central earthing point in TN-S systems

Modern communications architecture via Ethernet

  • Ethernet interface and web server
  • Faster, better cost-optimised and more reliable communication system
  • High flexibility due to the use of open standards
  • Integration in PLC systems and BMS through additional interfaces
  • BACnet optionally available
  • Up to 4 ports simultaneous
  • Versatile IP protocols

Modbus Gateway function

  • Economical connection of devices without Ethernet interface
  • Integration of devices with Modbus-RTU interface possible
  • Data can be scaled and described
  • Minimised number of IP addresses required

Graphical programming

  • Comprehensive programming options (PLC functionality)
  • Jasic® source code programming
  • Sustainable functional expansions far beyond pure measurement
  • Complete APPs from the Janitza library

Powerful alarm management

  • Can be programmed via the graphic programming or Jasic® source code
  • All measured values can be used
  • Can be arbitrarily, mathematically processed
  • Individual forwarding via email sending, switching of digital outputs, writing to Modbus addresses etc.
  • Watchdog APPs
  • Further alarm management functions via GridVis®-Service alarm management

Device homepage

  • Access to powerful device homepage via web browser
  • Constant availability of the measurement data
  • No software installation necessary
  • Online data, historical data etc. can be called up directly via the device homepage
  • Function expansion possible through APPs
  • Remote operation of the device display via the homepage
  • Integrated PQ watchdog
  • Hyperlinks deliver more detailed information
  • Integrated measured value monitor
  • Overview of events and transients in the network
  • Convenient selection of the calculation mode for displaying the measurement data per standard IEC 61000-2-4 or EN 50160 (Applies to UMG 605-PRO and UMG 512-PRO)


  • With the help of APPs, the Janitza measurement devices are expended with new functions. All APPs can be transferred with the device manager (constituent part of GridVis®) and via Ethernet-connected devices – to just one device or to multiple measurement devices simultaneously.
  • Janitza has equipped the PRO series with APPs in order to increase the capabilities of the measurement devices. Thanks to the connection of the measurement devices, APPs and software, the measurement data is more easily interpreted and is available to the user, any-time, any-place. This avoids timeintensive and cost-intensive manual calculations.
  • The APPs expand, for example, the analysis and visualisation tools, with which voltage events based on “IEC 61000-2-4” can be analysed and reproduced on the device's own homepage. Simple presentation facilities (e.g. traffic-light function) make faults visible in good time. This enables timely intervention and so operational processes are able to continue uninterrupted.
  • In addition, it is also possible to implement further function modules, monitor threshold values and send fault messages via email.

Measurement monitor

Configurable display of current and historical measured values with automatic scaling. Graphical representation on the device's own homepage without additional software installation.

  • Access to current and historical measured values
  • Display with scalable timebase
  • Quick and easy operation with “drag & drop”
  • Web-based solution without additional software installation
  • Can be called up on different devices such as PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone

IEC 61000-2-4 Watchdog PRO light

Permanent monitoring of the power quality per EC 61000-2-4 in customers' energy supply networks.

  • Integrated watchdog function for automatic standard interpretation and threshold value monitoring
  • No need to transmit large volumes of measured data from the measurement device to a host system
  • Network quality analysis without comprehensive PQ knowledge
  • Rapid detection of events that do not comply with the quality agreements
  • Standard-compliant and continuous monitoring to protect company's own installed systems